Sunday@6 Baptism and Confirmation

December 13, 2017

In this episode, Bishop Philip Huggins joins us for a special service of baptism and confirmation. We heard from a number of people publicly declaring their faith in Jesus, and the Bishop reflects on that truth.


Getting Right with God

October 4, 2017

Continuing our Luke mini-series, we see Jesus tell a story about two men, praying to God. One prays loudly, basically saying "Thanks God, that I'm so great. Also, that other guy is the worst." The second man, a tax collector, someone usually corrupt and generally not liked, prays humbly, and earnestly. Jesus says, be like him. How do we get right with God? Be humble. Kirk explains what that looks like.


Pray, and Don’t Give Up

September 27, 2017

In this talk, Kat Shields encourages us to persevere in prayer, and pray without ceasing. Jesus tells his followers a story about an unjust judge, who shows justice to a widow for his own benefit. The story is flipped on its head though, when Jesus says that God is nothing like the unjust judge, and will bring justice in all circumstances.


Lost - Easter Sunday 2017

April 20, 2017

Easter Sunday is the most joyful day for the Church, as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. But the first Easter was not joyful to start with - in fact, it was a time of confusion and fear for Jesus' disciples. Andrew Bowles looks at Luke 24:1-12 and how the disciples came to realise that Jesus was unexpectedly alive again. How can we know today that Jesus is risen from the dead, and how will this change how we think and feel about our lives and the world around us?


Lost: Is it too late? Good Friday 2017

April 14, 2017

The Lost series has been building to this moment. The crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday marks the beginning of the most important point in all of time. But is it too late? Have you, or I strayed too far for Jesus to love and forgive? In Luke 23:32-43, a criminal, dying next to Jesus on another cross, asks Jesus to remember him when Jesus comes in His Kingdom. It wasn't too late for that criminal, and it certainly isn't too late for us.


Lost - Weeping over the Lost

April 10, 2017

Our 'Lost' series continues on Palm Sunday as Jesus enters Jerusalem, from Luke 19:28-44. While this was a joyful celebration of his kingship, it ends on a sad note as Jesus mourns that the city will reject him very soon. This story gives us a helpful way to understand what our response should be to those we love who have said 'no' to Jesus.


Lost - To Seek and Save the Lost

April 7, 2017

In the lead up to Easter we are doing a short series reflecting on what it means for someone to be 'lost' when it comes to their spiritual life, and the concern that Jesus had for those who were lost. This week we look at Luke 19:1-10, where the story of Zaccheus shows Jesus' mission to seek out those who seem to have no hope of coming to God.


The Generous Life - Generous Giving

September 13, 2016

What does it mean to be generous with our money? Luke 21:1-4 has the story of a widow giving to the offerings in the Temple, and Jesus explains how this tests our ideas of financial generosity. Tim Johnson is the preacher for this final sermon in our series.


The Generous Life - Generous Relationships

September 6, 2016

Our third sermon in the 'Generous Life' series considers Jesus's words about reconciliation and forgiveness in Luke 17:1-10, and how this relates to our generosity to others.


The Generous Life - Generous Hospitality

September 5, 2016

In Luke 14:1-14, Jesus probes our attitudes towards hospitality, and unveils a new way of thinking about generosity - an open heart that gives to others out of the love we have received from God.