Sharing Jesus Sneak Peek

April 23, 2018

For four weeks, starting last week, St John's is hosting author Stephen Abbott, as he leads a course about sharing Jesus in everyday ways. This episode is a snippet of week one of the course, which continues on Wednesdays until May 16th. If your interest has been piqued, you can join the course by registering at Payment can be made for the course's handbook online, or in person at the events.


The Resurrection of Jesus - Fishermen

April 16, 2018

Jesus' resurrection is real. Jesus' resurrection is miraculous. Jesus' resurrection is about relationship.  

Tim takes a look at John 21:1-14, and the third time the resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples. In this somewhat ordinary time, the disciples go fishing, and then have breakfast with Jesus. But this simple story shows us somewhat profoundly what the resurrection of Jesus is about. 

If Jesus is really risen from the dead, and if he is really with us now, what would you say to him? Maybe you'd say, "Jesus, I do believe you rose from the dead, and I want to start following you.", or maybe you'd say "Jesus, I don't know if you're real or not, but if you are, show me!", or if you're already a follower of Jesus, you'd ask him for help with something you're struggling with, or you'd thank him for something great in your life.

Jesus is alive. The resurrection isn't about wowing us, but being in relationship with us.


The Resurrection of Jesus - Transformation

April 9, 2018

After Easter, Jesus hung around for a while. This mini-series follows the Resurrected Jesus as he meets with his disciples and transforms their lives. Sam begins our series looking at how Jesus took the fear of the disciples, and turned it into peace and purpose; how he took their doubts, and turned it into worship, and ultimately took death and turned it into life.

Sam bases this talk on the book of John, in the bible, chapter 20, verses 19-31.


Easter Sunday - By His Wounds We Are Healed

April 4, 2018

Jesus is risen! Easter Sunday celebrates the new life we have in Jesus; but to get to that new life, Jesus had to be broken. This revelation of the resurrection was first encountered by Mary Magdalene, and Simon Peter. In this talk, Julie looks at the reactions of these two followers of Jesus, and how the resurrection changed their lives.

How has Easter, and the resurrection of Jesus changed your life? Has it? Should it?


Good Friday - The Servant

April 4, 2018

Superheroes are huge at the moment. 2700 years ago, a prophet named Isaiah wrote about someone who would come and save the world; but unlike Superman, Batman, and the Flash, who are obviously super, Isaiah's hero is named The Servant. This ordinary character doesn't sound impressive, nor like they could save the world. Yet at Easter, we remember this person, this factual person, Jesus. 

The greatest outrage of our nation this year has been focused towards the Australian Cricket Team, and their faults and failings. The players broke the rules, and went against the spirit of the game, and have been harshly criticised by people who themselves, have undoubtedly bent or broken rules to their own benefit. No body does the right thing, all the time. No one! This is why we all need the hero of the Servant, of Jesus. We don't need to earn forgiveness, as God offers it freely through Jesus Christ, and his death on Good Friday.


The Servant - Obedient

March 26, 2018

Kirk wraps up our series on the prophecies of Isaiah, and the character of The Servant. Isaiah 50:4-11 speaks of the Servant being obedient, even to death, and that they are to be obeyed, in the same way that God is to be obeyed. The Servant, who we living so far in the future from these prophecies know to be Jesus, is said to bring a light into dark places. God doesn't promise to make life easy for Christians, and the Christian faith isn't one of earning God's love, but accepting God's freely given gift. God does promise to love us, though, and be with us in those dark places, and tough life circumstances we might find ourselves in.


The Servant - Light

March 19, 2018

Isaiah prophesied 700 years before Jesus was born, that a figure called the "Servant" would come. In Isaiah 49:1-13, it seems as though this Servant is the nation of Israel; but at the same time, is going to restore Israel. This Servant will also restore the entire Earth, all the nations, and show God's compassion to everyone. Tim looks at how we as a Church are likewise called to serve the nations beyond our own walls.


The Servant - Justice

March 14, 2018

Some 700 years before Jesus, a guy named Isaiah wrote about a mysterious person called "The Servant of the Lord". Tim begins this series looking at the Servant being the one to bring justice to the world. Chapter 42 of Isaiah is applied directly to Jesus in the book of Matthew, referring to Jesus as the Servant who God has chosen, and it is this passage which Tim focuses on in this talk. 


Vision 2022 - Sharing Jesus

March 5, 2018

Julie Blinco puts on her P-Plates and delivers her first talk at St John's. Wrapping up our Vision 2022 series, she looks at how we are to share Jesus, and 4 practical things we can all be doing.

This week's talk refers to Acts 20:17-24.


Vision 2022 - Growing In Jesus

February 26, 2018

Trusting that God can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, by 2022 we aim to be: An Intergenerational Community, which is Loving like Jesus, Growing in Jesus, and Sharing Jesus. Tim this week, looks at how, as a community, we can be Growing In Jesus. We grow up and mature in many ways in our life, but how do we mature in our relationship with Jesus in our work, in our school, in our everyday lives? 

In Colossians 1:28, this episode's passage, Paul writes that we should be proclaiming Jesus, admonishing (or correcting), and teaching everyone with all wisdom. Tim explores these three areas, and how we carry them out with 'all wisdom'.